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      Rattan Side Table - House of Orange
      Rattan Side Table - House of Orange
      Rattan Side Table

      Vintage style is a nod to the eras past. Vintage purely means something which is at least 20 years old or more. As opposed to something new, a vintage piece will have history or a story behind it. The shapes, colours and details can define an era and this makes it very exciting to incorporate into a modern context by reviving the past and adding an interesting twist to an interior. 

      When your interior designing, the easiest way to incorporate vintage style into your home or office space is to keep true to yourself, keep your anchor pieces strong and add your vintage touches through accents, for example a small lamp, vintage print cushion, stools and rugs. We draw from the European approach of mixing old and new to create intriguing and interesting interior spaces with stories behind them. At House Of Orange we love mixing different eras, genres and styles.

      This technique actually helps to loosen up the feeling of your space by adding little touches that have soul and history in the details, vintage pieces achieve just this.

      The Vintage mix actually works beautifully in a modern home - The clean lines and simplicity of modern architecture and design save it from becoming too heavy or busy. The idea is to add warmth and intrigue, you can do this using natural materials like rattan and soft wool throws in a bold vintage pattern.

      Try incorporating a rattan storage piece or a Doris Throw on your modern couch.

      When you're styling your home and considering your home’s decor, don't be afraid to be quite free with them together, however try not to spread them out too much, that way you can create little cluster moments with patterns, or stand alone moments using bold colour.

      Try a Doris Lantern or 70's ceramic lamp popping bright on a clean white surface - perfection!

      If you're considering styling your outdoor dining setting the Doris umbrellas are totally equipped for backyard alfresco moments and can be placed permanently in secure footing to sit by your table as shade.

      It is a fabulous site to behold as you transition from indoors to outdoors with your friends and family.