Upgrade Your Kitchen Accessories During Lockdown

Now more than ever home is our temple and the kitchen has once again become the focal point of our lives. A place of socialising and practicality, the kitchen epitomises nourishment, warmth and happy memories more than any other space in our home. But with so much exposure to our own four walls, we are all by now starting to notice the gaps in our kitchen accessories. Perhaps you need to replace a few essential items such as your cutting boards, glassware and ceramics, or maybe you just want to revise your kitchen style now that you are looking at it all the time. One sure way to reinvigorate your kitchen space is to bedeck it in a highly aesthetic range of kitchen accessories in warm and neutral tones, like those from our Nordic inspired homewares.

Start by getting back to basics with this vintage inspired Household Dishwashing Set featuring structural bristles, black wooden handles and rustic twine hanging points. Then, to keep the retro feel going, glow-up your drying rack with an equally utilitarian Metal Wire Dish Rack in Matt Black. Touch things up with the HK Cleaning Set from the same range and chase away those hard to reach cobwebs. You will soon be seeing your kitchen in an entirely new light.

From there, you can bring order to disorder by investing in eye-catching storage jars. Focusing on materials and textures that inspire warmth and comfort, we suggest this Terrazzo Storage Jar that comes in a soft peach shade overlaid with earthy pieces of terracotta. You can maintain this homely Italianate feel with the equally stunning oval Terrazzo Tray to artfully serve your favourite movie snacks. 

But if it's the colourful beauty of sheer blown glass that you’re dreaming of, you can redefine your table set in shades of blue with this Cobalt Blue Glass that is thankfully dishwasher safe. Alternatively, if blue isn’t your colour, this Funky Orange Glassware Set should put back some life into your kitchenware. But for those who prefer something more subdued, the Smoked Grey Glass will add a touch of graphite cool.

Ceramics also play a large part in your kitchen decor but if you’ve started to notice nicks and scratches in your existing set of plates then it may be time to invest in a fresh Bone China Dinner Plate by Athena Ceramics. And now that the weather is turning cold, you may also want their Bone China Soup Plate to compliment those winter meals. However, in order to introduce that cosy sense of vintage nostalgia, this set of Ceramic 70’s Bowls in tones of characterful washed brown, cream and blue should be first on your list. When the rain pours down outside, you’ll get especially cosy feels drinking from this soft pink Ceramic 70s Cappuccino Mug from the same range. There’s just something so homely about kitchen accessories that look homemade and hark back to our childhood.