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      In the world of ceramics, the glaze is the je ne sais quoi. 
      In simple terms, the glaze coats the ceramics which protects and adds a layer of waterproofing to the piece. But we like to think of the ceramics glaze as something more than that. It’s the final finesse which ceramics get their richness of colour from. 

      Ceramic glazes are made of three main ingredients, silica, alumina and flux. The balance of the ingredients needs to be just right to create the perfect glaze that adds colour and depth to each item.

      It’s hard to know exactly what a vase will look like in your living room until you bring it home. Essentially there are no hard and fast rules about picking a vase, but we always say to go with your gut. Look for something that will stand out, even without flowers.

      The vases in this collection offer an opportunity to find something you love that will stand out in your interior design. The ceramic vases in the 70’s ceramics collection are beautiful, you might have a tough time choosing.

      Ceramics are generally made from clay-based materials, mixed with water and shaped before being fired in a kiln. Ceramics have a high melting point and are hardy, which makes them great for everyday use in your kitchen. Ceramics also have a low electrical and thermal conductivity which means they’re good insulators.

      If treated well, ceramics should last a lifetime. Our ceramics are dishwasher safe and made with commercial-grade usage in mind, which means they’re not just saved for special occasions and are safe to place in the dishwasher every day. Show them off and enjoy them.