Reaching New Heights

Most of us remember clunky bunk beds from our childhoods. The options back then were fairly boring and didn’t appeal much to adults. But cue modern city life and smaller living spaces and loft style beds are back in demand again, only this time in Scandinavian configurations. When most people think of loft beds they think of beds for multiple children. While that’s still one application, the modern loft bed is more about creating space, and appeals to kids as well as adults. The space below the loft bed can be utilised in so many different ways (from play areas to quiet study nooks) that it’s impossible not to see how useful loft beds can be in small rooms. Traditional beds take up a lot of floor room, so if you have a lot of vertical space then a loft bed might be the perfect solution.

If you’re looking for a loft bed to go in your kid’s room then you’re probably hoping to avoid those clunky old designs. If you’ve put substantial effort into styling the rest of your home in clean lines and Scandinavian style, then it feels intuitive to extend that decor into the kids’ areas. Our Nina Loft Bed is made from sustainably grown eco pine from New Zealand and made up of clean open lines. The design meets all the Australian certification guidelines and is built to standards. 

It is an Australian made product, hand made locally by the House of Orange team in Melbourne. Both practical and eye-catching, the Nina Loft Bed will create lots of room for play and can be custom built to in a king single through to a queen. It comes in five signature brand colours from stonewash to deep domino black but our personal favourite is the lime wash grey. Kids will love climbing up the treehouse ladder to their bed at night and you will love the additional space to store their toys or add an additional feature like a desk or bookshelf.

But for the big kids among us, a loft bed can breathe new life into small spaces. If you have a lot of vertical space you can add a four poster frame to your top bunk, while freeing up the space below for anything from an office, wardrobe or lounge area. The ladder can go down any side of the bed and the height can be adjusted to perfectly fit your space. We’ve seen the loft bed put to good use in Victorian buildings with high ceilings but it’s also an excellent space solution in investment properties. Large internal beams or jutting corners can become the pivot point for one or two loft beds. Additionally, our loft bed can be fitted over a regular sized double bed to make an extra sleeping space in a holiday let.

Let your imagination run wild with our stunning Nina Loft Bed. You can find pictures of all the ways we’ve styled them on our Instagram page.